Problems with Milk too! Then eat it instead-If lactose intolerance

Problems with milk too! Then eat it instead

Those who suffer from allergy problems from beans, shrimp, eggplant can freely remove those items from the diet. By eliminating those items, they can eat many things for the same nutrients. But if the problem is from milk? What if you are Lactose Intolerance! what to do?

Why couldn't many digest Milk?

Humans cannot digest milk and dairy foods many times. It may be seen that acidity is increased, unbearable pain in the stomach due to milk. Sometimes stomach upset is becoming chronic. Later, if you stop drinking milk or milk products, you can see the problem is solved. For a baby, such problems can occur from both cow's milk and mother's milk also.

In this case, the problem is two types - lactose intolerance and milk protein allergy. Many Child specialists say, "It is a disgusting act to feed the offspring of a Human without let feeding its own baby".  the mother's milk should be continued for the first six months after birth a baby. After that, when the teeth are raised, the child has to make a habit of feeding a little bit of solid food. 'Rice, cereals, pulses, potatoes -it can be cooked and fed to a child. If the baby is allergic to lactose intolerance or milk protein, all milk and Dairy products should be skipped. Many people are scared not to eat cow's milk so, the calcium in the milk did not enter the body. Cow milk contains four times more calcium than breast milk. But the body cannot absorb that calcium well, says many Doctors.

The problem is with the elder people too

Allergies or intolerances are not just for children Many times elders face this problem too. Dietitian says, "many have problems with milk. But they do not have problems with yogurt or cheese. In that case, the obviously can eat those things no problem will occur. And soy milk, tofu, pulses can be taken instead of any problematic milk products. But these protein is second class Instead of milk.

Soy, Amand, Coconut milk - These can be selected instead of cow's milk. However, they are often mixed separately with sugar. The price is even higher.

Instead of cheese, you can take tofu which is made from soy milk.

Elders can also eat whey protein as many dietitians and doctors advice.

: Protein in milk is generally not mixed with other foods. So, Instead of pulses, fish can be eaten.

Sweets, milkshakes, ice cream can not be tolerated if you have problems with milk In that case Almond Milk's sweet, vegan ice cream should be eaten.


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