Analyze people by seeing his or her Thumb Finger.

Thumbs are a special part of astrology. This finger is not from a particular planet. But a person can be judged perfectly by looking at his or her Thumb. Not just only for Astrology, But the Thumbs also have special needs at various types of work. Thumb's impressions are always taken on any legal basis because they are a definite sign of people being recognized.

Let's take a look at this time that how you can recognize the man in front of you:

1-The people whose thumb is as beautiful, taller, longer and perpendicular from their palm, the more beautiful his/her mind is, and also the more their intelligence develops. 

2-The people whose thumb is nasty, gauche, bad shaped, cruze their mental structure is nonsense.especially whose thumbs are small and fat shaped according to their own body size, their mentality and desire be like an animal. No prudence works.

3-When the thumb is long, the person tactfully achieves his or her accomplishments. They defeat others with the force of intelligence.

4-Those whose thumbs are long, tender, and beautiful is very hilarious, honest and sweet in nature. They are quite social.

5-The thick and flat type of thumbs of the hand indicates that they have a rudy and rough mentality. There may even be criminals, murderers, robbers.

6-If the thumb's below area is thin, the head is thick, they are very clever. No one can easily deceive them. They are responsible. They may not get success in the first period of life but they will get happiness in the next period of life for sure.

7- Rigid and Hard types of thumbs people do not trust very suddenly at any one's words. They just can't agree with anyone at any topic. They cant be familiar easily with any unknown person. They are realistic, selfish, appreciative and suppressed self-centered. They take a little longer time to do any work. They love to follow their own ideas.


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