Hidden Water Deficiency Symptoms in Our Body during Winter.

Physical complications are exacerbated by water scarcity or Deficiency.

The amount of water consumed in the winter is reduced. Since the process of sweating is a bit off in the winter, the urge to drink water also decreases this time. However, the body uses as much water in the summer, also the same in the winter for biological works and fertilization. But it hard to identify, the lack of water in our body during winter.

75 percent of the human body is made of water. Even if you spend a few days without food, but there is a huge possibility of becoming ill without water. Physical complications do not stop at water scarcity. You can increase the amount of water consumption in the winter if you are careful and regular.

In a normal way, the body cannot just keep water. When the lack of water required for physiological work, the body is forced to tie the water with salt in the body. For this reason, some swelling occurs in the body. Why don't drink water sometimes? the simple answer is because sometimes we are not thirsty. But it is wrong to think that there is no shortage of water in our body just because we don't feel thirsty sometimes. Under which symptoms, we understand that our body is seeking water?

1-Headaches and easily get fatigued without any sickness: When there is a lack of water in our body, there is a headache. If you do not have any migraine or eye problems, then if suddenly a headache occurs, you should understand that you need 'water therapy'. The sudden fatigue, which is rarely seen in the body, suggests that water is needed. If you are busy with a lot of labor or sweating works, you can see if you drink water with a little pause in the gap, you won't easily get tired.

2-Easily get ill:  If you easily get sick in winter, do not rely only on medicines. Try to increase the amount of water with medicines. The water removes the toxins and bacteria from the body. Drinking less water does not make it all better. As a result, the body becomes weak and external viruses can easily be infected.

3-Irritation During Urine A lot of toxins are released through the urine. But if the water is low in our body, the body does not get enough water to carry its toxins for remove. So the urine becomes less and irritation get occurred during the urine time. If consuming too much water does not reduce this problem, you should definitely contact a urologist.

4-Constipation:   By consuming less water, the body understands one thing - keeping water intact for its biological functions. Therefore, when the water is low, it will absorb water from the stool while depositing colon waste. As a result, the stool becomes hard and aggravates constipation.

5-Very Lack of appetite:  Since water and hunger informer organs are very close in our body. So, it may actually be an indication of getting thirsty even if you feel hungry. So after a few moments of eating, if you get hungry again, and if it happens again and again, focus to drink water more.

6-Skin Problems:   If toxins accumulate in our body, it will make the skin dead and rough. for that reason disease will not be easy to prevent So, the disease will appear on the skin. Roughness, Acne, etc can also be due to low water intake.


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