Before Getting A Tattoo-Checklist of What to Do.

Sometimes only the tail of a fish is seen, sometimes spiders, scorpion, and sometimes a favorite flowers and also sometimes the initials of a loved one's name or a favorite quote.

Make-up is not just a style statement. This generation has adopted such tattoos as embellishments in various corners of the body. Many players of various countries, many normal people of all over the world, No one is behind tattooing on their own body. Tattoos are as beautiful as they look, It also evokes your likes and dislikes.

This generation, some do not like to do tattoos. However, those who like or prefer it should be very careful before or after tattooing. As a result, in some cases, an infection can occur. It can also cause severe skin problems. In the case of permanent tattoos, there is a problem with removing. So it is very important to be careful from the beginning to do a permanent or temporarily tattoo.

Dermatologist's advice:

Skin types are not the same for all people. So if you understand the type of your own skin, then follow the path of the tattoo. If you have allergies problem then, is it okay to do a tattoo, and also know how many years after tattooing you can donate blood. If your dermatologist or experienced tattoo artist understand your skin type, then do the tattoo only. If you have allergies to a hair dye, jewelry or fabric before, then tell the doctor or dermatologist or experienced tattoo artist before tattooing. Learn how to take care of skin after tattooing from a dermatologist or Tattoo Artist.

Good & Professional Tattoo Artist:

Since tattoos are primarily writing or drawing, so it is better to wait for a good artist. Not all artists, draw or writing on paper is a different art from draw or writing on someone's skin. So only a good Tatto artist has the skill that is required when tattooing on the skin. So be careful when it comes to artist selection.


The artist who is looking to draw a picture or quote on your skin, think well whether it goes with your interests and personalities before hiring him. Otherwise, if you ever want to remove a tattoo later, it will be a problem. Do tattoos that will not make regret you near future.


Many tend to do a cheap tattoo. But the reality is a little different. Good quality ink, color, and syringe are needed for a good tattoo, So, it cost a lot compared to cheap tattoo. The cost of a tattoo also depends on the size and design of a tattoo. So to avoid infection or any other skin problem, getting tattoos with high prices is a wise thing to do.

Prepare your mind in advance:

Fever may also come from the tattoo pain. To heal the pain it takes at least two to three weeks. Be careful at that time. Consult a doctor if needed.


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