How-to-Choose-The-Right Anti-Pollution-Mask by Yourself.

The demand for anti-pollution masks is increasing as pollution rates rise. Respiratory and lung infections and the chance of various diseases are increasing especially in older people and children. Cold-cough problems persist throughout the year. Therefore, the Mask is becoming very important. But Which or What type of mask should you buy, do you know? Many masks are sold at drugstores. But what mask you need, how to understand?

Car smoke, street dust, factory smoke, cooking smoke  Pollution in the air is also varied. As a result, different types of masks are available in the market to prevent any such particles. Find out which and what type of mask do you need and how much work will be done on that mask.

This is the most common mask. You can use it three to four days in a row. This mask can withstand a 95-percent of 2.5 PM-(Particulate Matter). It does not cost too much. Available from Rs-90-150(INR).

N99 & N100:
This mask can withstand 99% of  "2.5 particulate matter" from the air. The mask is priced between Rs-2000 to 3000 (INR). It can be washed thoroughly and used multiple times. Six months after the regular use, you will need to buy a new mask.

There is a difference between 'P' and 'N' masks. The 'P' mask can also purify oily pollutants, which the 'N' mask cannot. 'N' masks prevent only dry particles. As a result, the price of the 'P' mask is even higher. However, it is much more effective. You can use this mask eight to nine hours a day. The mask will cost around Rs 1100 to 1200(INR).

Air Purification Mask:
This mask is useful for those who live in the heart of the city. Especially with long periods of exercise, running or jogging our breathing also gets faster. As a result, the amount of polluted air is increased in their case. In that case, you can use this Air Purification Motion Mask. The cost is even higher. The mask costs around Rs- 3000-3500 (INR). However, changing the filter on this mask will work again.

Respro Mask:
This mask can refine up to PM-10. It can be used for about 70 hours. It costs between Rs-750 to 1000(INR). 

Surgical Mask:
White or blue, the green cloth mask can be found in all drugstores. Many people also use this mask. However, it does not work to prevent pollution. This type of mask, which is able to withstand dust only, is useful for surgical purposes. 

Take Care:-

• Carry a mask if you regularly travel by transportation vehicle. This will be especially useful for those who go out daily for work by bus, by bike or by automobile, etc.

• Buy and use at least N marked masks. The price is high but effective.

• The size of the mask also needs to be fixed. So, choose the right size mask.

• Cleaning the mask is also important. Understand the  Usage rules at the time of buying each mask.

• Using that mask after the expiry date is no avail.

• If the mask has a filter, change it to the scheduled time.

• This mask is important for the elder people and children at home also this mask is necessary for sick people. Especially if someone suffers from cold or cough problems, they can also use this mask.

With the help of a mask, contamination can be removed. But it cannot be reduced. Do not go under the mask so you can take some steps to reduce air pollution. So that the next generation does not have to be under the mask!


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