Best Time of a Day to Exercise for Maximum Weight Loss

Do you exercise for fat loss, but do you know that the body's profit and loss depend on the time you are exercising it? Most people find that the morning after sleep is appropriate for exercise. If you can get up early in the morning, you can relax for the whole day. It feels refreshing all day long. Feel hungry, Sleepy? After 3-5 weeks, it becomes like a routine if you continue with it. But if you get used to getting up late in the morning? If you get tired of getting up early, then when will you exercise? Or if you have to reach the morning duty at work, is it the end of your exercise?

Not at all. In that case, do physical exercises at Noon. According to a study published in the Journal of Physiology, exercising within 1pm-4pm can be a good exercise. This time the body is warm, muscles are flexible, heart rate-blood pressure can also be controlled, according to the study. Exercising this time increases calorie consumption In particular, exercising with weight produces more testosterone - which is needed especially for muscle growth and strength. And because of low Cortisol, it works well at this time.

But many do not manage time at noon or afternoon. Then If it is from 7pm-10pm in the evening? If you couldn't sleep at night? According to scientists, if you do not take a shower after eating and after exercising, there is no danger. If that is also a problem, do a light exercise at night. A little walk, yoga.

 How to proceed.

1-When the time is fresh and time is in hand, it is best to do so. If possible try different times, when you feel more refreshed, sleep better.

2-Keep in mind, the purpose of the exercise, If you want to lose weight, then it is better to have an empty stomach in the morning and then go for exercise. Want to build muscle then it is better at noon or afternoon to do exercise. If you have to exercise at night, you will have to exercise a light style.

3-Exercise at home can do it to your advantage. But if it lacks enthusiasm, go to a good gym near home or office.

4-If you exercise in the morning, and If you are in the habit of changing clothes at the gym, then pack a bag and put it in front of your hand before going to sleep.

5-Gym in the morning should bring forward the sleep time at night.

6-Calculate and make the feeding time forward or backward, according to the exercise period

7-It is also important to know when to eat. In this way, you should eat protein after eating a carbohydrate-rich diet before exercising, but if you exercise lightly, it does not worry, the low-calorie intake on the diet balance is okay.

8-Rice, bread, pasta, potatoes, etc., have been reported to make sleep better by eating starch, turkey, pumpkin seeds, etc. And it causes Melatonin hormone release which is the most common cause of sleep between 9 pm to 10pm. Keep these things in mind and keep a regular bedtime routine. Because without sleep, it is not possible to exercise well and get benefits.


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